About TNR Virtue


The premise of TNR VIRTUE was conceptualized as a means to showcase the local talent of African home decor, clothing, footwear and accessory designers who are financially disadvantaged to build their designing dream and also help showcase the talent of established and developing designers who would like to join the TNR VIRTUE family.

TNR VIRTUE created a Lifestyle store for all, trendy customers of both sexes and has been able to offer unique original, feel good designs, from home decor to exclusive designer clothing and accessories to customers who follow both local and international trends.


You literally have no reason to venture to overcrowded shopping malls, when you can now get the best designs from your favourite African designers delivered to your door within a few clicks. We appreciate that clothes and furniture are everywhere that’s why at TNR Virtue we only make and sell designs. We are your home for designer pieces and when it comes to quality and style, we don’t compromise. We make sure that your daily desire to keep your style updated is well met in every area of your wardrobe.

We have the latest designs to keep your wardrobe and style updated. Our designers from across the African continent always seek to please as we take your style to the next level. Come and check your latest designs from your favourite designers across the African continent. From your clothes to your accessories, shoes, hats, bags, jewellery and home decor pieces among others, we make sure there is always a designer piece for you to indulge yourself. 


From the scorching heat to a freezing winter night, from a formal day at work to a hot night date or a leisurely walk in the park, we adjust to every season and every occasion of your life by throwing our timeous drops onto our designer repertoire. We cannot promise you that you will find a complete outfit always but we can guarantee you that there will always be a designer piece to complement your look. We have some one piece wonders that can give you a complete turnaround look. Keep checking our online shop for the latest drop inns so that you don’t miss out!