TNR Virtue Women's Fashion

Women’s Fashion



Every woman deserves to turn heads everywhere she goes. TNR Virtue’s designer pieces always give you a day to look forward to in your life. Our women’s clothing feature an extensive range of designs in formal wear, casual wear, active wear, swimwear, sexy lingerie and of course, the accessories.

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed outfit even on your worst day, it has the power to bring a complete turnaround to a day that didn’t start so well or got disturbed along the way.  A designer piece in the right colour and style will never fail and we have all the pieces that matter from the designers that matter. Indulge yourself in our wide range of designer pieces, from dresses to lingerie and sleepwear.


The world can be your runway but only if you have the proper pair of shoe to walk the ramp. Shoes are a major part of every woman’s wardrobe and we understand the impact of an uncomfortable shoe in destroying a supposedly good moment. When we design shoes, we design with your feet in mind to make sure that they offer the best comfort that a shoe can afford to offer. Whether you need a heel for an 8 hour day at work, a hot night date or you just need some flats for a casual walk in the park, TNR Virtue has you covered. We play with all the colours and the different materials until you develop a little obsession with our designer shoe range.

The power of accessorizing is something that goes without saying. Accessories have the power to make your outfit stand out either positively or negatively depending on how you have chosen them. We have some to die for accessories, come and indulge and if you are unsure of what goes with what, our stylists are always on standby to give you the best style for your money.