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Home is where the heart is, after a long day you just need to relax and feel the comfort, warmth and calmness that only your home can offer. Your home is your sanctuary and with our House of Virtue modern-vintage pieces, you can make sure your home speaks a million words, reflecting your personality and sense of style. Whether you are a first-timer or a regular style updater, we have designer pieces that will come in handy in decorating your home.

Furniture defines the space between your walls and our perfect modern-vintage designs will make that space look like a designer’s gallery. At House of Virtue, we want you to move forward but without getting rid of the past. Our home deco gives you a complete thrush into the future without losing a grip of your beautiful past. Come and find out about our modern-vintage designs and your home will never be the same again.

Style your house into your own haven with our House of Virtue designer pieces. Turn your house into a designer gallery with our modern pieces that gives you a reach into the future without losing a grip of the beautiful past, our vintage themed designs will give you the luxury of the past, whilst our modern pieces gives you an outreach to the future, we bring both time zones together for you to enjoy the stylish life that you deserve! Your house will look modern with a vintage touch that only House of Virtue can offer.

There is always something to look forward to from our House of Virtue. Every so often, we throw in some livening up pieces to our range. Come get one of our livening up pieces that seamlessly fit into your already established style and your house will never be the same again. Our vintage rugs, modern cushions and throws, lamps sets are a sure way to liven up your space without doing a complete style redefinition. For less effort and a greater consideration for your bank account, you can indulge in living like a king/queen by livening up those spaces in your home.

A home is never home without the kitchen. Because it is the heart of the home, House of Virtue seeks to turn your Kitchen into a mini hotel with our kitchen designer pieces, from drinkware to dining accessories. Discover our assortment of kitchen accessories and your kitchen will turn into a mini hotel for your family and your guests. House of Virtue’s kitchenware, brings that hotel experience home and make dining at home a 5-star hotel experience. We have you in mind when we design our kitchenware that is why we also have designer pieces for your epic parties and get-togethers with our party decorations and games. We have designer pieces that are not only decorative but functional too.

Furniture is a major part of home décor and we feature investment pieces from all over Africa. Shop chairs, sideboards, tables, stands and pedestals from House of virtue. From the smallest of details to the heavy-hitting décor items, our apartment department has all your needs covered

Style does not end when you retire to bed, it’s part of your every day and every moment living. Discover our bedding and bathing accessories, Partyware and complete your full lifestyle with our designer pieces.